4 Responses to the Angel’s Greetings | Mr. Anand Pillai

Mr. Anand Pillai & MD Of Leadership Matters, 17-12-2017

In this powerful message, Mr. Anand Pillai, the Managing Director of Leadership Matters, a well known Christian motivational speaker compares and contrasts 4 accounts of Angels visiting different people around the time of Jesus’ birth. He dissects the responses of Mary, Zachariah, Joseph and the shepherds in the field and draws various parallels in the way in which they respond to God’s message. He relates it to how we respond to God in very similar ways and uses Mary as an example of the correct way to respond to the message given to us by God.

3 Changes That God Brings | Pr.Ketzia Prakasam

Pr.Ketzia Prakasam, 24-12-2017

Pr Ketzia Prakasam takes a deeper look at several events centered around the birth of Jesus and draws attention to the fact that an encounter with God causes a change in plans, change in direction and change in the name.


Teach us to Number our Days | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 31-12-2017

Teach us to Number Our Days

In this Sermon on Psalm 90:1-12 Pastor Terry Prakasam reflects on the year of 2017 that has passed by. He asks the church to evaluate where they are in their walk with God, where they are in their relationship with their family and where they are in relation to their calling. He reminds the church to live wisely and carefully not as fools but as children of God who seek to know and do his will.

Year Of Building | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 07-01-2018

Year of Building 2018-06-14

Pastor Terry Prakasam talks about 2018 being the Year of Building for Bethel City Cathedral. The specifically speaks about 3 areas that God wants to build this year. God not only wants to build up each person in their own life, but he also wants to build families with strong relationships and knit these families together into a strong church.

How Can You Build Your House (3 keys) | Rev.Dr.David Prakasam

Rev.Dr.David Prakasam, 21-01-2018

3 Keys to Build Your House

Rev. Dr. David Prakasam shares from the book of 2 Samuel chapter 7 about how God promised to bless the house of David and how David boldly claimed the promises of God over his own house. This message presents 3 keys from the scriptures to claim God’s blessing upon our own household and how to walk in the promises of God for families in the church.

God Our Greatest And Only Treasure | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 28-01-2018

God Our Greatest and Only Treasure

The inner essence of worship is the treasuring of God above anything else in our lives. All outer acts of worship only serve to reflect this inner treasuring of God above all else. Speaking from Luke 12:32-34, Pastor Terry Prakasam exhorts the body of Christ to worship God in the areas of finances, wealth and possessions. In all that we do, we are to make God infinitely valuable in our lives. This is true worship.

Finding the Love of your Life ( The do’s and don’ts ) | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 04-02-2018

Finding the Love of your Life

Pastor Terry Prakasam addresses an important milestone in everyone’s life, that of choosing the correct life partner. He gives young men and women some key do’s and don’ts to help them in their search for the love of their life. He addresses several common questions in this practical and easy to apply sermon.

Making Headway Inspite of Opposition | Pr.John Prakasam

Pr.John Prakasam, 25-02-2018

Making Headway In spite of Opposition

Pastor John Prakasam talks about how to make headway In spite of Oppostion. He asserts that progress is essential to human happiness. He reminds people that effort is essential in order to make progress and the effort needs to be made in the right direction. In Philippians 1:18-27 we get to see how Apostle Paul applies these simple keys to his circumstances and was able to make progress despite severe opposition.

3 Types of Prayer | Pr. Ketzia Prakasam

Pr.Ketzia Prakasam, 11-03-2018

Three Types of Prayer

Rev. Ketzia Prakasam’s sermon is an apt call to prayer for the body of Christ. Prayer enables us to have an intimate and personal relationship with the living God. Only an intimate relationship with God can meet the deep seated longing for love and acceptance that every person has. This is only possible through prayer. She takes a closer look at 3 prayers in the Bible: that of Jabez, Hannah and Jacob and draws lessons for us to learn from

The Cyrus Anointing | Rev.Dr.David Prakasam

Rev.Dr.David Prakasam, 25-03-2018

The Cyrus Anointing

In this message based on the promise of God to King Cyrus found in Isaiah 45, Rev. Dr David Prakasam the Senior Pastor of Bethel City Cathedral focuses on God promising to build up the walls of Jerusalem once again. He reminds the church of God’s promise to restore and rebuild all the broken and desolate areas in the lives of those who love God.

If Christ had not Died | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 01-04-2018

If Christ Had not Died

In this must watch Easter sermon, Pastor Terry Prakasam explores the necessity of why Jesus had to die for our sins and why our faith hinges on his death and resurrection. He asserts along with Apostle Paul that without the death and resurrection of Christ our faith is meaningless.

Heaven :The Final Frontier Our Home | Pr.John Prakasam

Pr.John Prakasam, 22-04-2018

 Heaven the Final Frontier: Our Home

Pastor John Prakasam powerfully reminds us that we are citizens of the kingdom of Heaven and that heaven is our final goal and destination. His message is a timely reminder to spend our time on Earth by keeping eternity in perspective.

Professing Outrageous Faith | Rev.Dr.Randy Neilson

Rev. Dr. Randy Neilson, 13-05-2018

Professing Outrageous Faith

Pastor Randy and Jill Neilson a dynamic husband - wife duo who pastor a large church in Canada tag preach on the topic of Outrageous Faith on Mother’s Day Sunday. They share insights from the life of many women of faith in Bible and how there incredible faith helped them see miracles in their own lives and in the lives of their family. Like them, we can also be channels of blessings to our families and our circle of influence.

The Second Touch of the Savior | Pr.Sam Paul Joseph

Pr .Sampaul Joseph, 29-04-2018

The Second Touch of the Saviour

In this explosive sermon, Pastor Sam Paul Joseph compares and contrasts 2 miracles of Jesus, the healing of the blind man at Bethsaida and the healing of the deaf and dumb man. He calls the church to draw parallels to our own walk with Christ and uncover spiritual truths. He talks about how a touch from Jesus results in a new vision and a new mission in our life.

The Story of the Canaanite Woman | Pr.Sam Paul Joseph

Pr .Sampaul Joseph, 27-05-2018

The Story of the Canaanite Woman

In this powerful sermon, Pastor Sam Paul Joseph exposits the passage found in Matthew 15:21-28, where the encounter of Jesus and the Canaanite woman is recorded. He draws out 4 important character traits of this woman because of which she receive a great touch from Jesus in her life and Jesus himself said concerning her “You are a woman of great faith!.” He draws lessons from the incident by which we too can be men and women of Great Faith in our nation!

Prayer That Brings Rain | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 05-08-2018

Prayer that Brings Rain

 In this sermon focussing on the passage of 1 Kings 18: 19-45, Pr. Terry Prakasam talks about the power of Prayer and how we can tap into this power by identifying 4 keys from the life of the Prophet Elijah.  James 5:17 says Elijah was a man just like us. He prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the land for three and a half years.It was his prayer which once again brought rain to Israel. It was not because he was special in some way. Pr Terry identifies that Elijah was a man with an intimate relationship with God, with the knowledge of his word, who prayed with faith and perseverance.



Prayer of The Roman Officer | Pr.Sam Paul

Pr .Sampaul Joseph, 12-08-2018

Continuing on the theme of prayer, Pr. Sam Paul Joseph preaches on “The Prayer of the Roman Officer”. He draws 5 lessons from the account of the Roman officer interceding for his sick, paralyzed slave boy found in Matthew 8:5-13. He encourages the church to pray like this Roman officer with great faith and belief in God, to spend time with Him and speak with Him daily. We need to pray for the Power, passion, purpose, presence and the prophecy of God to come to pass.

The Disciple of Prayer | Rev.Samuel Jayaraj

Rev.Samuel Jayaraj, 19-08-2018

Continuing in the theme of August: The month of Prayer, Pastor Sam Jeyaraj exhorts the church to prayer in this powerful sermon. He draws 3 principles from Jesus’ life in the scripture found in Mark 1:35 that we can emulate to have a vibrant prayer life. He encourages every member in the body of Christ to have an active and ongoing personal prayer life, not just corporate prayer.

choose joy in all circumstances | Pr.Joanne Moody

Pr.Joanne Moody, 30-09-2018

Title: Choose Joy in all Circumstances

 Pr Joanne Moody from Sweden encourages believers to choose live a life which is rooted in the joy of the Lord, not chasing after temporary happiness. She exhorts us to remember that our position in Christ is one of victory. We don’t have to strive and exhaust ourself to overcome difficult situations. Rather in Christ, we already are heirs in his victory over sin and death. We are more than conquerors, in him. So our response to every situation should be one of joy.

Lessons from Eagle | Pr.John Prakasam

Pr.John Prakasam, 07-10-2018

Lessons from the Eagle:


In this powerful sermon, Pastor John Prakasam talks about the characteristics of eagles and how they relate to our Christian life. He draws lessons from the behaviour and nature of Eagles that we can learn from.

Our God is a Debt Cancelling God

Rev.Dr.David Prakasam, 14-10-2018

Our God is a Debt Cancelling God:


Our Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. David Prakasam talks about how our God is a debt cancelling God. Our God is a generous and loving Father who wants His children top live lives of abundance and freedom from the bondage of poverty! He draws 7 instances from the Bible where God sets people free from their debt and restores all that was lost.

Don't Give Up ! | Pr.Glenn McMurray

Pr.Glenn McMurray, 21-10-2018

Don't Give Up !

Rev. Glenn McMurray from the US exhorts the church to stand firm in Christ in the midst of trials in order to have victory. He talks about the incident in the life of Elijah where he flees in fear from Ahab after having experienced a massive victory over the priests of Baal on Mount Carmel. Often the enemy attacks us after we have experienced spiritual victory or triumph and are on a high. At those moments , it is important to be still in God’s presence and rest in him in order to stand firm and not be shaken.

Are You Happy | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 28-10-2018

Are You Happy?

 In this message, Pr. Terry Prakasam talks addresses the universal need for seeking happiness in life. He asserts that contentment is the key to happiness in life. King Solomon the wisest man to ever walk the Earth, tried to find this elusive “happiness” and wore himself out. From Philippians 4:11-13, Pr Terry draws 3 principles for everyone to apply in order to live a content and happy life.

Journey of the Children of Israel

Mr.Randy Gladden, 04-11-2018

Pastor Randy Gladden talks about the Journey of the Children of Israel and how God was teaching them and training them on the way. He dwells on 3 aspects of this and applies it in our lives- God trains our faith by trusting in Him alone to receive victory. God is faithful to do all that he has promised, even if our circumstances make it seem impossible. God alone is glorified through our lives. We grow in strength when we trust in God and as a by product of this, even unbelievers  see God’s power and are amazed.

Disciplers | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 09-12-2018

In this sermon, Pastor Terry Prakasam asserts that being a being a Christ follower is not a passive activity as the word “believer” might suggest, rather it involves the body of Chrsit to become “Disciplers”. Each disciple of Jesus should be actively making other disciples. This is not a choice or an option but something that each disciple is mandated to do in the great commission.  He gives three characteristics of a discipler and in this Christmas season, he challenges the church to commit to 3 action points to put into practice.

The Simplicity of Christmas | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 16-12-2018

The Simplicity of Christmas


In this message, Pr Terry Prakasam takes a closer look at the account of the birth of Jesus found in Luke 2: 1-20. He dwells on the unique features of the birth of Saviour of the whole world. Counter-intuitively, Jesus is born in a barn, wrapped in strips of cloth, placed in a manger and his birth is announced to shepherds (outcasts and belonging to the lowest rung of society).

 Pr. Terry sates that the message of Christmas is simple: The creator of the world came down to earth to fix the crisis of sin, the sin that separates man from God. The message of Christmas is meant for simple people, it is simple in content and our response to it is simple as well.


What if Christ had not come? | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 23-12-2018

In this advent season sermon, Pr. Terry Prakasam takes a look at Jesus’ statement in John 15:22 “Jesus said, “If I had not come….” and he walks through the repercussions of it. He examines how God in fact did send his Son at the right time. He dwells on how God prepared the world for the arrival of Jesus and what this means for us as Christians today.


WelCome Gilgal | Pr.Ketzia Prakasam

Pr.Ketzia Prakasam, 30-12-2018

As we stand at the threshold of 2019, Senior Pastor Ketzia Prakasam talks about the Israelites’ experience at Gilgal found in Joshua  4 & 5. She talks about how we go through similar experiences in our life and what we can learn from the Israelites. Gilgal was a place of remembrance- of the wonders and miracles that God did. So we should have a heart of thankfulness and gratefulness to God. It was the place where the Israelites reproach was rolled away. Gilgal was the place of God’s provision and abundance. God has not called us to be his slaves but he has called us to be his children-his inheritance. We are to live in the abundance of God’s promises.

How to Experience the Supernatural this Year ? | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 06-01-2019

Pr Terry Prakasam talks about Jesus’ powerful promise in John 14: 12-14 that anyone who believes in Jesus will do greater things than he did. The promise that God has given the Church this year (Exodus 34:10) is a covenant that God is making with each and every believer and in order to inherit it and walk in this promise of Supernatural power at work in our lives, we need to cultivate 3 essential things in our lives.

Second Hand Knowledge or First Hand Experience ? | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 20-01-2019

Pr Terry Prakasam preaches from Job 42:5,6 so many Christians have  second-hand knowledge about what other people said about the Bible and about God, but we need to get beyond that, and enter into first-hand experience. He says that Second-hand knowledge of God leads to a misrepresentation of God, and ultimately to a misapplication of God's truth. He goes on to explain 3 things about the nature of  a second hand experience and 4 things about the firsthand knowledge of God.

Recognizing Your LINEAGE | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 27-01-2019

Recognizing Your Lineage:

In this powerful reminder to the Church on “Recognizing Your Lineage”, Pr. Terry Prakasam asserts that all born-again Christians, who are bought by the blood of Jesus, now have the DNA of God in them. God no longer looks at us as weak or poor rather as victorious champions in Christ. He reminds the Church about the importance of having a healthy self esteem. He also gives us 4 tools that we can use in order to break free from the Victim mentality and live as victors.

I Have Many People in this City | Pr.Sam Paul

Pr .Sampaul Joseph, 03-02-2019

Sermon synopsis: I have Many People in the City

 In this exhortation from the scriptures found in Acts 18:9-11 Pr. Sam Paul Joseph, reminds the church to have a passion and zeal to reach out to the lost in our community, city and nation. He reminds the church that preaching the Gospel is not an option given to us, rather it is a command given to each and every disciple of Jesus. From the life of the Apostle Paul, he talks about 3 things we need to do in order to reach out to our city. He also encourages the church with 3 promises that God has given every believer who does those 3 things.

Principles of Sowing | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 10-02-2019

In this exhortation, Pr Terry gives the church 3 Principles of Sowing that we can learn from farmers in order to practice them in our Christian lives. He takes a look at the account of Elisha and the lady of Shunem found in 2 Kings 4 and reminds the church that God wants us to serve him by our voluntary and generous giving without any ulterior motivation or expectation for a reward. God honours our selfless giving that comes from a place of love and adoration for him.

Why Attend & Get Involved In Church - The Bible Answer Put in C-H-U-R-C-H | Eva.Duke Jeyaraj

Eva.Duke Jeyaraj, 03-03-2019

Why We Must attend and be Involved in a Local Church

                 In this message, guest preacher Duke Jeyaraj exhorts all those who have accepted Jesus as their Saviour to be an active member of their local church, by both attending corporate worship services as well as serving and ministering to the needs of other believers. Using the acronym “CHURCH”, he gives six reasons as to why it is important to do so. He peppers his sermons with pop culture references as well the Word of God to bring to life spiritual truths.

Father Abraham Has Many Son’s | Pr.Glenn McMurray

Pr.Glenn McMurray, 10-03-2019

In this sermon, guest preacher Pr. Glenn McMurray talks about living with a strong, unswerving faith like Abraham of the Bible.  Abraham had faith in the promise of God for a multitude of descendants even when he couldn't see anything happening with his physical eyes, because he had an encounter with the living God. We too have seen and experienced God's love and grace and so we should claim for ourselves the big, amazing, wonderful, supernatural and open ended promises that God is willing to release if we only believe and have faith.

Being SALT and LIGHT in the Community | Rev.Dr.David Prakasam

Rev.Dr.David Prakasam, 17-03-2019

Our Senior Pastor, Rev.Dr.David Prakasam tackles the timely issue of how the church must live like citizens of Heaven on Earth. He asserts that even though we are now part of the Heavenly kingdom, as long as we are alive on the Earth, we hold dual citizenship and cannot remain oblivious and unconcerned about the Government, politics and social issues taking place around us. As Christians, we have a responsibility towards our country, we must be patriotic, love our fellow citizens, know our rights and privileges,  participate in elections and pray for our elected leaders. He gives 5 practical ways in which we can be the salt and the light of the Earth along with scriptural references.

Born To Rule | Sis. Abigail Prakasam

Sis. Abigail Prakasam, 24-03-2019

In this week’s sermon Pr. Abigail Prakasam reminds the body of Christ of its original purpose. She states that “you were born to rule, to have victory in your life and to fulfil the destiny that God placed on you.” Many times we fall short and struggle through life despite the innumerable promises of God in the Bible. However, we will experience Supernatural Victory & abundant life only when we master the basic principles of the Christian faith: Reading God’s Word and applying it and applying the power of Prayer in our lives.


When the Church Prays | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 07-04-2019

In this message titled “When the Church Prays” Pastor Terry Prakasam reminds the church once again of its identity and responsibility: The Church is the called out and chosen people of God and who are  given the authority to release God’s incredible power and promises here on Earth through prayer. God does not move or do anything unless we approach him in prayer first. Using the example of the Early Church found in the book of Acts, Pastor Terry speaks on the three things that take place when the Church prays.

A Church of Influence | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 14-04-2019

Pr. Terry Prakasam reminds the Church of its responsibility to influence the world through the power of the Holy Spirit. God has a detailed and methodical master plan from before the world was created. Each of us believers is a builder in the body of Christ and we have our own part to play in the body (1 Cor. 3: 10-17). This plan was hidden to previous generation but now by the power of the Spirit, God has revealed it to us (1 Peter 1: 10-12). As a church, we are meant to display God’s glory on Earth and to establish His purpose here.

The Risen Christ — His Peace, Power, and Purpose

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 21-04-2019

In this sermon on “The Risen Christ — His Peace, Power, and Purpose” Pr. Terry Prakasam takes us to the evening of the Sunday that Jesus rose from the dead as recorded in John 20: 19-23.  The doors are locked; the disciples are frightened; and Jesus comes to them and stands in their midst. Those three facts tell us three things we can know about how the risen Christ deals with us today. These three things turn out to be gifts to us: the gift of peace, power and purpose. Jesus himself saves us from ruining our lives by becoming himself our peace and our power and our purpose. He reminds us of our great purpose — in the peace of God, by the power of God, to do the will of God for the glory of God, and for the good of others.

Who Is Your NEIGHBOUR | Dr. Samson Gandhi

Dr. Samson Gandhi, 28-04-2019

In this sermon titled “Who is your Neighbour?”, guest speaker Dr. Samson Gandhi, the Executive Director of Person to Person Institute for Christian Counselling exposits the parable of Jesus recorded in the gospel of Luke 10:25-37. He identifies 3 ways of relating to people- a self serving lifestyle, a self protecting lifestyle and a self sacrificing lifestyle. He states that when we truly and fully understand God and the extent of his unending love, we can relate the same love and generosity to our neighbours, beginning from our home, our families, our church and extending to the society around us.

Soar Like an Eagle | Pr. Ketzia Prakasam

Pr.Ketzia Prakasam, 05-05-2019

In this Sermon on “Soar Like an Eagle”, Senior Pastor, Pr. Ketzia Prakasam reminds us from Isaiah 40:27-31 about how to live like an Eagle Christian. She reminds us that God is our source of strength and power and the enemy always tries to discourage us from looking up to God. She encourages the church to wait on God, trusting in his promises, for his Kairos moment in our life. She explains 7 characteristics of Eagles that we can learn from and apply in our Christian life.

Bless & Honor Your Parents | Rev.David Prakasam

Rev.Dr.David Prakasam, 12-05-2019

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, our Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. David Prakasam urges the church to Honor our Fathers and Mothers for the influence they have had in shaping our lives as believers. He says mothers are important because if the lady of the house is saved, she will bring the whole family to the Lord. He also talks about Four kinds of mothers: natural mother, spiritual mother or god mother, mother in faith, mothers in the church. He gives us 5 reasons for why we are to honor our mothers.

What to do when God does not Answer your Prayer ? | Pr.Chris Prakasam

Pr.John Prakasam, 19-05-2019

In this Sermon, the Senior Pastor of Bethel City Cathedral Gurgaon, Pr. John Prakasam answers the ubiquitous question that plagues believers at different points in their walk of faith “What to do when God does not answer your Prayer?” Going back to the very basics of the Christian faith, he point out that un-confessed and hidden sin in our life is the very first thing that hinders our prayers from being answered. Using multiple scripture references he gives 4 reasons why it seems as though our prayers are unheard and unanswered and then goes on to encourage all believers to repent from sin, keep waiting, keep trusting in God & his timing and cry out to the Lord unceasingly.



MR.Peter Prem Kumar, 26-05-2019

Mr. Peter Prem Kumar, the founder of FACT (Family Assistance through Counselling and Training) Ministry in Pondicherry preaches on “A Home Built on the Rock” based on Mark 2:1-5. Using the word “ROCK” as an acronym he gives 4 keys to building a strong home that will not be shaken despite any storm that comes against it. He says that all our Relationships should be built on Jesus, our homes should be Open homes for others to meet Jesus, our lives must be Centered on the Word of God and our homes should prioritise Kingdom Values.

Halleluiah | Pr. Samuel Paul Joseph

Pr .Sampaul Joseph, 02-06-2019

In this sermon “Halleluiah”, Pr Sam Paul Joseph exposits Psalm 113, which is usually sung before the festival of Passover, sometime during the season of Pentecost day. When Jesus was in this world he sang this psalm before he died on the cross as a sacrificial Lamb of God. He says this psalm speaks about the power of the Name of the Lord, his powerful throne, his kingdom and his great love for his people.

The Wind of God | Pr.John Prakasam

Pr.John Prakasam, 09-06-2019

Pr. John Prakasam, the Lead Pastor of Bethel City Church, Gurgaon, speaks about the Wind of God. He reminds us that there has never been a time when the Holy Spirit has not been active in history. The wind speaks of God’s power and it speaks of change. When the wind of God blows circumstances begins to change and situations begins to change. He talks about three specific ways in which the Wind of God intervenes and brings change in our lives.

The Model of The Heavenly Father | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 16-06-2019

On the occasion of Father’s day, Pr. Terry Prakasam preaches on the well known parable depicting a Father-son relationship in the Bible found in Luke 15:11-32. He extends the message of this parable to all parent – child relationships and draws out 6 specific characteristics of Our Heavenly Father that all parents can model in their relationships with their own children.

How to Overcome the Devil | Pr.John Prakasam

Pr.John Prakasam, 23-06-2019

In this sermon “How to Overcome the Devil”, Pr. John Prakasam the Lead Pastor of Bethel City Church, Gurgaon talks about the tools which we can use to overcome the Devil. He reminds us that our God is a great, big, all powerful God and he has already defeated Satan on the Cross, and by the power of the Blood of Jesus we too can overcome the Devil. Quoting the Scripture found in Revelations 12: 1-11, he gives us 3 tools with which we can fight the Devil.

Peter, Do You Love Me ? | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 30-06-2019

In this Sermon, “Peter, Do You Love Me?” Pr. Terry Prakasam preaches on the passage found in John 21: 15 -25. He reminds us that for every Christ follower, there is the necessity of a call to love, a call to sacrifice, and a call to obey. However, like Peter, we fail, lack commitment, get easily discouraged, over estimate our ability to resist temptation and fall back to our old pattern of sin. However, God in his mercy doesn’t give up on us so easily.  Even today, Jesus graciously extends an offer to all of us, to reaffirm our love and commitment towards him, in order to restore our calling and purpose.


Breaking Free from Addictions

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 07-07-2019

In the first part of the 2 part sermon series on “Breaking Free From Addictions”, Pr. Terry Prakasam speaks about the prevalence of addiction in our nation. Development and technology has enslaved more people than freeing them. He says that we are not created to be lorded over by any substance or set of behaviors that take away our capacity to be fully alive. Every addiction may start off with pleasure but in the end it robs us of our joy and freedom. The key to breaking from the addiction cycle of temptation and shame is to yield completely to the control of the Holy Spirit and to exercise the fruit of the Spirit, Self Control.

Breaking Free From Addictions | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 14-07-2019

In the first part of the 2 part sermon series on “Breaking Free From Addictions”, Pr. Terry Prakasam speaks about the prevalence of addiction in our nation. Development and technology has enslaved more people than freeing them. He says that we are not created to be lorded over by any substance or set of behaviors that take away our capacity to be fully alive. Every addiction may start off with pleasure but in the end it robs us of our joy and freedom. The key to breaking from the addiction cycle of temptation and shame is to yield completely to the control of the Holy Spirit and to exercise the fruit of the Spirit, Self Control.

Divine Destiny | Rev.David Prakasam

Rev.Dr.David Prakasam, 21-07-2019

In this sermon titled “Destiny Killers”, Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. David Prakasam reminds everyone that God has a divine plan and purpose for each of our lives. Our choices and actions either prepares us for our destiny or detroy the wonderful plan that God has for our lives. He goes on to explain the five most common things that prevent us from living upto our God Given destiny and he equips us with 6 keys that we can use to pursue God’s plan for us.

Perspective of Praise | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 28-07-2019

In first sermon of a 3 part series on Praise, Pr. Terry Prakasam talks about the Perspective of Praise found in Psalms 103:1-5. Over time, the church has forgotten how to be full of joy and thankfulness in the presence of God and instead choose to be stoic, cold, emotionless and reserved. But our God is delighted when we lift our praise from our inmost being, unhindered and unfiltered, holding nothing back. He is pleased when we truly worship and praise him with everything- all our heart, strength and soul. He gives us 4 principles as to what Praise is and then goes on to talk about 6 characteristics that make our God worthy of praise.

Power of Corporate Praise | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 04-08-2019

In the second sermon of the Praise Sermon Series, Pr. Terry Prakasam reflects on the Power of Corporate Praise. He observes that the corporate Praise and Worship time before the Sermon on Sunday is what ploughs our heart to sow the seeds of God’s Word deep within us. It is time where we stop dwelling on our stress, tension and daily troubles and move from an inward focus to a heaven-ward focus. Worship is a weapon we use in spiritual warfare and to give control back to God to fight on our behalf. Pr. Terry reminds us of the significance of bringing a sacrifice of praise to God and then goes on to describe 3 things that happen when we praise God.

God of the Middle | Pr.John prakasam

Pr.John Prakasam, 11-08-2019

In this sermon “God of the Middle” Pr. John Prakasam, the Lead Pastor of Bethel City Church, Gurgaon encourages the church to trust in God, during the season of life that he calls “the middle”. God calls each person according to his purpose and has placed in us a dream; sometimes, we are faced with trials, problems and hindrances that seem to hinder us from doing the very things that God has called us to do. It is during those seasons of life, that we are to hold on firmly to our faith, trust in God and keep persevering because even during those circumstances, God is preparing us for a breakthrough. He gives us three keys that we can apply to prepare our self for the breakthrough.

How to Know the Will of God | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 25-08-2019

In this Sermon "How to know the will of God" Pr Terry lays down 5 important Principles to Remember of God's will. In order to Find God's, will he urges the body of Christ to Ask God to know His will, Seek His will and Knock at His door in Prayer. We need to Actively pursue God's will, non-stop, and in return, God will give us just what we need and not everything we want. He ends  with reassurance that we are not walking this path alone; God is there to guide us through.

If you open your house here for Jesus, he will open his house for you forever | Pr.Sam Paul

Pr .Sampaul Joseph, 01-09-2019

In this message titled " If you open your house here for Jesus, He will open his house for you, forever", Pr. Sam Paul Joseph, reiterates the need for believers to yearn for  spiritual food and not just focus on physical food. He does so by Illustrating the Story of Mary and Martha found in Luke 10 :38 -42  where, though Martha opened up her physical Home for Jesus, Mary chooses better, and instead, spends time at the feet of Jesus, listening to his words of Wisdom. He digs out 5 truths hidden in this passage that are essential for a christian to live a life pleasing to the eyes of God; opening our Life to Jesus Christ, listening to His voice, preparing our lives for His purposes and service, Responding to the call of God and choosing the better things in life.

Church the Most Amazing Group on Earth | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 15-09-2019

In this Sermon " Church - The Most Amazing Group on Earth", Pr. Terry Prakasm sheds light on the significance of being a part of the body of Christ. We often are quick to judge one another as we form close bonds within the community of the Church. This inhibits us from fully functioning within the Church because we end up directing our attention to the faults and inadequacies of others. Pr. Terry takes us through 4 common flawed perceptions that people often have of the Church. Quoting 1 Peter 2:5 from the Bible, he reminds us that we, the Church, are Chosen People, royal priests, A holy nation and God's very own possession . He emphasizes that as Ambassadors of Christ,united in the blood of Jesus, we need to stay rooted and intertwined with each other. By doing so, we truly experience the joy of being a part of an irreplaceable community that is the Church.

The God Who Does More - Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 27-10-2019

 In this Sermon , " The God Who Does More", Pr. Terry Prakasam dwells on the expectation-exceeding characteristic Of God. God, in all His creative ability, does wondrous things in our Lives as he has a made promise to us, which he alone has the means and authority to fulfil. Exploring the life and experiences of Peter, he points out 4 key observations where God did in fact do exceedingly and abundantly more than what was expected of Him.

ESTHER-For such a time as this | Pr. John Prakasam

Pr.John Prakasam, 03-11-2019

In this message , " Esther - For such a time as this " Pr. John Prakasam, Lead Pastor, BCC,Gurgaon, takes us on a journey through the life of Esther. In spite of starting out as a nobody she rose to become a queen, later in life, by the matchless grace and favour of God. He reminds us that, as He had for Esther, God has a special plan for each one of us and that we need to stand up for our faith, with courage, in the face of adversity. Drawing inspiration from her unswerving faith and close walk with God, he encourages us to spend time in prayer which would bring us victory and divine reversal of difficult situations.

Regaining your vision | Pr.Sam Paul

Pr .Sampaul Joseph, 10-11-2019

In this sermon titled, "Regaining your vision", Pr. Samuel Paul Joseph, assistant pastor at BCC, traces 5 factors that would help you to transform your vision into reality. Vision and Word of God go together to perform miracles. Exploring the story from Mark 10 verses 46 to 52 about Bartimaeus the blind man, Pr. Sam points out how you can receive your vision and miracle by walking in faith, talking in faith, confessing in faith, acting in faith and following God in faith.


Love the church | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 24-11-2019

In this message titled "Love the Church" Pastor Terry Prakasam talks about how as members of the body of Christ, it is imperative for us to sincerely love the Church. Christ's love for the Church is so immeasurably that he readily sacrificed His life for her redemption. God's love is in no way fickle; it is intentional and always action-oriented. We need to love our Church just as God loves our church; not an 'emotional love' but 'love in action'. He shows us 4 practical ways in which we can display our love for our local church. 

The wise men are still seeking the king | Pr.Ketzia Prakasam

Pr.Ketzia Prakasam, 15-12-2019

In this sermon titled, "The wise men are seeking the king" Pr. Ketzia Prakasam takes us through the lessons we can learn from the wise men who traveled a long distance to offer their worship to the newborn King. The wise men were called 'wise' because they feared the Lord and knew how to truly worship the Him. Pointing out 4 Keys takeaways, she urges the body of Christ to rise up and become 'wise men' of this generation, willing to give up things of the world to constantly seek, serve and  truly worship our Saviour King.


Why did Jesus Have to come ? | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 08-12-2019

In this message titled "Why did Jesus have to come?", Pastor Terry Prakasam reminds us that  we can't take for granted the great act of love on the cross as Jesus wasn't obligated to die for our sins. His love for us is so incredible that he chose to leave the heavens to come down to earth for our redemption. Only He could ever do what He did because only a saviour can save and only a redeemer can redeem. He takes us through 3 major reasons that encompass why Jesus came to us.

Saviour,Christ and Lord

Mr .Valentine Davidar, 22-12-2019

In this sermon, " Saviour, Christ and Lord" Bro. Valentine Davidar takes us through an in-depth study on these three titles of Jesus. He is our saviour as He eliminated the penalty of sin, the power of sin and presence of sin. He is Christ because He is an anointed prophet, priest and prince. We need to accept His lordship by dethroning ourselves and enthroning him over everything in our lives.

Preparing our life for the journey | Pr.Sam Paul

Pr .Sampaul Joseph, 29-12-2019

In this message titled "Preparing our life for the journey"  Pr. Samuel Paul Joseph takes us through the life of Jacob where God faithfully fulfilled all the promises that He had made to him in the midst of all the challenges and and difficult times he faced. God will make all His promises for our lives come to pass in His perfect time according to his riches in glory. He brings out 5 key points of learning from the life of Jacob as God prepared him for a new journey. 


Principles from the church of Philippi for a victorious Christian life | Rev.David Prakasam

Rev.Dr.David Prakasam, 05-01-2020

In this message, Senior Pastor Rev Dr. David Prakasam, talks on '7 Principles from the Church of Philippi for a victorious Christian life". In this eye opening sermon, he walks us through 7 Key areas of focus that Paul writes on, to the church at Philippi, to ensure that they live a fruitful Christian life. He encourages the body of Christ to incorporate these principles in their daily walk with God so that they can truly experience the joy of abiding in Christ.

Promises of God | Pr.Jill Neilson

Pr.Jill Neilson, 12-01-2020

In this message , Pr. Jill Neilson speaks on the " Promises of God". She reminds us that God's unending blessings rest on His people as His people rest on His promises.Our God is not just a promise maker but also a promise keeper. He is a faithful God and He alone is able and powerful enough to accomplish the  purposes he has for our lives. Our God is sure to move on our behalf if we put Him first in our list of priorities.

Starting Strong | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 19-01-2020

In this message titled "Starting Strong" , Pr. Terry Prakasam persuades us to establish a solid new beginning, rooted in Christ, in this new year. In life, in order to finish anything strong, we need a strong start. Quoting Paul's letter to the Church in Philppi, he urges the body of Christ to press on to become more like Jesus; focusing on forgetting the past & looking forward to the future and pressing on to finish the race while holding on to the progress we have already made.  


Surviving or Thriving? | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 02-02-2020

Through this message titled "Are you surviving or thriving?", Pr. Terry Prakasam, raises a thought-provoking question. As children of God, are we thriving in difficult situations or are we succumbing to our anxieties rooted in our faithlessness? He reminds us that God is sovereign and in full control of our lives, irrespective of our circumstances. He encourages us to bolster our faith and patiently hold on to God's promises in the face of adversities, as there isn't any record of God not coming through when people put their trust in Him.


What is Blocking Your Blessing ? | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 26-01-2020

In this message titled "What blocks His blessings in my life?", Pr. Terry Prakasam establishes that sometimes blessings are blocked in our lives as a result of our own wrong doings and sinful actions. He points out the common blockers that prevent us from receiving God's richest blessings.  He ends the message with 3 things that we can do to release the abundant blessing of God in our lives..


Pr.Glenn McMurray, 09-02-2020

In this Message "The Challenge of taking the Gospel to the world" Pr. Genn McMurray prompts the body of Christ to do what we have been foremost called to do - to spread the Good News to the ends of the earth. Sacrificing our time and money each one of us needs to carry a burden for the unsaved especially people groups in India that still have not been reached. As Christians, each one of us is a Missionary. He urges us to either go ourselves or send people to share the Gospel far and wide.



Giving | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 16-02-2020

In this message titled, "Giving", Pr. Terry Prakasam delves into the essence of the act of giving within the local Church.  Quoting the scriptures he reminds the body of Christ that God loves a cheerful giver and He will enrich us so that we can be further generous. Touching on the principle of giving, the practice of giving and the produce of giving, he brings out that giving is an act of faith, an act of worship and it is our privilege to sow into the Kingdom of God, the reward of which is of eternal significance.


How do i hear God's voice ? | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 01-03-2020

In this sermon titled "How do I hear God's Voice?", Pr. Terry Prakasam puts forward ways in which we can discern God's voice from the many voices we hear on a daily basis. He gives us 6 important filters to apply while trying to hear God's voice and reminds us not to rashly believe every voice we hear, but to test the spirit if it is from God. He concludes by establishing that the key ingredients to hearing God's voice are patience and stillness in God's presence. What we do and how much we do for God doesn't really matter if we don't spend time with Him.

The Promise and the Process | Pr. John Prakasam

Pr.John Prakasam, 08-03-2020

In this message titled "The Promise & The Process", Pr. John Prakasam reminds us that  God will bring all His promises to pass in His perfect time; we, in the meantime would have to patiently go through a process of preparation until the fulfillment of His promises. Using Joseph as an example, he stresses that what may initially seem to be a pitfall in our lives is actually a pitstop - a season of being refreshed, before we ultimately reach the destiny that God has designed for us. Encouraging the Church, he says that God does His best work in the dark before He honors His children in the light. 


The Fearless Life| Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 15-03-2020

In this message titled "The Fearless Life" , Pr. Terry Prakasam shares with us a reminder of hope that we serve a Living God and we have nothing to worry about in this world. Some difficult situations in our lives are permitted by God Himself through which He gives us an opportunity to turn to Him. In the face of adversity, all we've got to do is to sit in the presence of God and be still. In spite of everything that's happening across the globe today, we should not allow fear to control us, instead, we need to constantly remind ourselves of who we are and more importantly whom we belong to. 

The Fearless Life | Part - 2 | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 22-03-2020

In the second part of the two-part series on "The Fearless Life", Pr. Terry Prakasam reminds us that living a fearless life calls for a shift in our attention from what we see with our physical eyes to the actual unchanging nature of the Almighty God. He Further shares three major reasons why we, as children of God, should not be afraid. In light of the current global pandemic plaguing various nations, he urges the Body of Christ to fearlessly rise up, intercede and comfort this torn and hurting world by sharing the confidence and hope that we have in Christ Jesus.

3 Things that happen when you pray | Pr. Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 29-03-2020

In this message titled "3 Things that happen when you pray", Pr.Terry Prakasam reminds us that though the world is grappling a fast-spreading pandemic which is shutting economies down, the Church has not lost its significance. He Urges the house of God to boldly operate in the authority given to us by God to intercede passionately on behalf of the world. Equipping us with 3 things that happen when we pray, he implores believers not to idle away time pointlessly but to bolster our faith and purposefully use this crisis to birth a mighty move of God across the globe by standing in the gap and sharing the assuring hope that we have in the Living God.


The God who is in Control | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 05-04-2020

Through this message titled "The God who is in control", Pr. Terry Prakasam, drives home the simple yet powerful truth that in spite of how impossible and arduous things may seem to appear on the outside, our loving God is forever sovereign and in complete control. He meticulously has planned everything outright from the start and he knows fully well what is going to happen next. Sharing with us three promises that we have because of the sovereignty of God, Pr. Terry Prakasam reminds the Body of Christ that the almighty God always intervenes when His children cry out to him. As the fear of death grips the world today, it's about time we enter the throne room of God and battle this pandemic out on our knees!  

The Cross of Jesus Christ | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 10-04-2020

In this message titled "The cross of Jesus Christ" Pr. Terry Prakasam talks on the significance of the cross in our faith. Over the ages, people have trivialized the essence of the cross and have stopped looking at it for what it truly is: a cruel and brutal testament of a loving heavenly Father who sacrificed His only precious Son for the salvation and redemption of a sinful and ignorant world. Reflecting on three aspects of the Cross, he reminds us that the cross, a symbol of God's sacrificial love, requires from us a response of repentance of sins and willful submission. 


What Jesus Did on Easter? | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 12-04-2020

In this message titled, "What Jesus did on Easter" Pr. Terry Prakasam reminds the Church of what Christ victoriously did on that eventful day we now refer to as Easter. Drawing symbolic resemblance from how Jesus had appeared to the disciples he explains that our living God in his sovereignty can penetrate any area of our lives and be fully present in our midst even today. No matter what we are going through; Christ promises us divine peace, power, and purpose! Pr. Terry Prakasam ends this message with a key to a victorious life, that is, doing life with the power of the Holy Spirit.


Seeing is Believing or Believing is Seeing ? | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 19-04-2020

Through this message "Seeing is believing", Pr. Terry Prakasam brings out the essence of Thomas' encounter with  Christ Jesus after His victorious resurrection, from both Christ's perspective and Thomas' perspective. Thomas wasn't there with the disciples when Jesus first appeared to them and he refused to believe Christ's act of resurrection until he saw it with his own eyes. Pr. Terry Prakasam encourages the body of Christ to be like Thomas and actively seek an individual and life transformational personal encounter with the risen King. 


End Times & The Second Coming of Jesus | Rev.David & Terry Prakasam

Rev.Dr.David Prakasam, 26-04-2020

In this message, "2nd coming - The end times", Senior Pastor David Prakasam and Pastor Terry Prakasam disclose certain truths about what we, as the body of Christ, are to expect in the end times. They explain the successive series of events that are expected to happen in the last days in accordance with prophecies and revelations mentioned in the Scriptures. They remind us that the end times are here and Christ is coming back soon and that the Church, the bride of Christ, needs to be ready and alert at all times for the arrival of the bridegroom by living holy and clean lives set apart for His purposes alone. 

The Secret Ingredient to Victorious Living | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 03-05-2020

In this message Titled " A secret ingredient for a Victorious life" Pr. Terry reveals the secret ingredient to be the Holy Spirit. The Bible is filled with accounts of people's lives being purposefully transformed by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a gentle and truly intimate friend who is a helper, teacher, and a reminder of scriptural truths. Anyone who asks of Him will readily receive Him as He doesn't want to hide. Pr. Terry Prakasam urges us to live a life in tune with the holy spirit in order to be able to accomplish all the purposes that God has for us. 

The Secret Ingredient to Victorious Living Questions about the Holy Spirit | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 10-05-2020

In the second part of the ongoing Sermon Series on "The Secret Ingredient to Victorious Living", Pastor Terry Prakasam answers some pressing questions pertaining to the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the divine gift of speaking in tongues. Answering 4 important questions he reminds us that the key to experiencing the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is to hunger and yearn for it in humble supplication with an attitude of prayer and obedience reinforced by faith in God. God in his perfect time will then pour out the Holy Spirit by whose transformational power we can boldly and confidently become Christ's witnesses in this lost and hurting world.  

The Secret Ingredient to Victorious Living - Questions about the Holy Spirit | Part-3

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 17-05-2020

In the third part of the ongoing series on "The Secret Ingredient to Victorious Living, Pastor Terry Prakasam covers a few more questions on the Holy Spirit that were written to him. Touching on these questions he explains how speaking in tongues works, whether not speaking in tongues is an indication that the Holy Spirit is not dwelling in that individual, whether one can get to heaven without being baptized in the Holy Spirit and other varied topics related to the Holy Spirit and its outpouring on believers. He reiterates that one doesn't receive an outpouring of the Holy Spirit by their own works or on merit, they just need to ask, seek and knock with steadfast faith and a deep desire, and in the appointed time, it will be given.

The Difference Maker in your Life | Rev_David_Prakasam

Rev.Dr.David Prakasam, 24-05-2020

In the fourth part of the series on "The Secret Ingredient to Victorious Living" Our Senior Pastor,  Rev. Dr. David Prakasam preaches on the Holy Spirit being a " Difference maker in our Lives". Taking us through 5 ways in which the Holy Spirit makes a difference in our lives, he helps us understand that being filled with the Holy Spirit leads to a transformation of our character, attitude and prayer life; empowers us to be effective witnesses and changes our destiny when we invite Christ into our lives.

The Secret Ingredient to Victorious Living -How to Live In THE Spirit | Part 5 |#Pr_Terry_Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 31-05-2020

In this sermon titled "Secret Ingredient to Victorious Living - Living in the Spirit", Pr. Terry Prakasam asserts that living in the Spirit- divine empowerment in our lives- must be accessed by all believers in the body of Christ. Being tuned to the spirit illuminates our way ahead and enables us to overcome sinful temptations of this world. Pr. Terry Prakasam equips us with 4 simple, yet effective practices, that we must implement in our lives in order to stay connected to the Holy Spirit. 

Why is God Silent | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 07-06-2020

In this sermon, titled "Why is God silent?" Pr. Terry Prakasam explains to us 3 possible reasons why God may seem silent in our lives and how we could hear back from Him.  He reminds us that in the Bible great men of valor and faith like David and Abraham too experienced seasons of silence from God.  Our response in these moments of silence should be that of a relentless and persistent asker, seeker, and knocker. As children of God, we must at all times bear in mind not to come to a place of self-entitlement; as if God purely exists only to give us things that we ask for. Reminding ourselves that we are ultimately created for God's pleasure and to fulfill His purposes, we must carry on with resilience like Shadrack Meshach and Abednego, believing that even if God doesn't come through, our faith in Him will stand strong as ever.


3 Biblical Responses to Crisis | Pr.Terry Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 14-06-2020

In this sermon titled "3 Biblical responses to Crisis", Pr. Terry Prakasam, says that though various crises in this world are here to stay, as Children of the highest God, we mustn't cower in fear, instead, we must take heart as the one who overcame the world lives in us. Giving us 3 ways in which Daniel responded to harrowing times of crisis in his life, Pr. Terry Prakasam exhorts us to face the roller coaster that life can be, by digging deeper and drawing closer to our loving Saviour. Even Daniel, being a humble and upright man of prayer, faced multiple setbacks in his lifetime. But it was his response to times of trouble that ultimately determined how his life story panned out. 

Fear or Faith? It Matters what We Speak ! Part-3 | #Pr_Terry_Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 12-07-2020

In the third part of the ongoing  Sermon series on "Fear or Faith?" Pr. Terry Prakasam exhorts the body of Christ on "It matters, what we speak". He reminds us that as Children of God , we must build our life on the steadfast promises of God. Our Proclamation determines our position and our confessions release God's victory.  Sharing three areas that we must be careful when we speak, he ends this message by equipping us with verses from the scripture that we must make a practice to declare aloud in the face of Crises!

GOD of Deliverance | #Pr_Ketzia_Prakasam

Pr.Ketzia Prakasam, 19-07-2020

In this message titled "God of Deliverance"Pr. Ketzia Prakasam exhorts us from Psalm 107. She talks about the different people groups addressed in the chapter and the one same message that the Psalmist has for each one of them; to call upon the name of the Lord in the midst of great adversity. God is fully capable of turning out wilderness into water springs when we call on his powerful name. She urges us to be wise and cry out to Him and receive His deliverance with a thankful heart. 

Setbacks into Victories - JOSEPH: GOD’s Plans Always Comes to Pass | #Pr_Terry_Prakasam

Pr.Terry Prakasam, 26-07-2020

In first part of the Series on Joseph's desert experience, Pr. Terry Prakasam speaks on " Setbacks into Victories - JOSEPH : God's plans always come to pass. Though at an early age Joseph became and interpreter of dreams and a favoured son of his father, Jacob, Joseph wasn't a stranger to setbacks. In the face of  uncertain times , He doesn't let go of his faith in his Heavenly Father. Pr. Terry talks about truths in Joseph's walk with God when everything around him seemed to be crumbling and falling apart.